Our Sponsorship Policy

To help support the time and resources that go into bringing this website to its visitors, GeoCurrents will accept sponsorships from time to time. The idea behind these sponsorships, in addition to supporting the continued development of the weblog, is to enhance visitors’ time on the site, rather than detract from it. Thus, only sponsorships from businesses offering quality products or services that would prove valuable or interesting to a portion of the GeoCurrents audience will be accepted.

Do you offer such a product or service? You can find out more about advertising on GeoCurrents here.

Google AdSense

In addition to individual sponsorships, GeoCurrents is also a publishing member of the Google Advertising Network, and will display ads from this network via Google AdSense. Google AdSense has helped nurture the Web as we know it by enabling publishers develop content while earning revenue for their efforts. AdSense works by displaying advertisements that are potentially relevant to our site and the interests of its readers. As a result, we hope that such ads will enhance visits to GeoCurrents.

For more on how Google AdSense affects your visits to this site, please see our Privacy Policy.