Customizable Base Maps

This page features a collection of customizable base maps, used to create all the original GeoCurrents maps (searchable by country and by topic). These customizable base maps were initially created by hand in Keynote, the Apple presentation program that competes with PowerPoint, and are now presented in both Keynote and PowerPoint formats — feel free to use these maps as you like.

The customizable base maps were made by the laborious process of outlining the shapes of geopolitical units on basic maps held in the public domain. Once the outlines have been made, the resulting country-shapes can be easily manipulated through a few simple clicks, allowing one to instantly change country color, boundary color and thickness, and so on. Keynote’s “shape” feature allows one to easily draw on the maps to show additional features — just click on a country (or US state) to change it as you see fit. Keynote’s transparency feature is quite useful as well. Country shapes can also be dragged out of place and then placed back where they belong (to place shapes precisely, make sure that the “guidelines” are turned off). Similar functionalities are available in the PowerPoint format (How can these maps be manipulated in PowerPoint). Additional maps will be added later.

Map Parts by Country/Region (in alphabetical order)
Keynote PowerPoint
Africa Africa (Keynote) Africa (PowerPoint)
Argentina Argentina (Keynote) Argentina (PowerPoint)
Belgium Belgium (Keynote) Belgium (PowerPoint)
Brazil Brazil (Keynote) Brazil (PowerPoint)
California California (Keynote) California (PowerPoint)
California (Population) California, Population (Keynote) California, Population (PowerPoint)
Chile Chile (Keynote) Chile (PowerPoint)
China China (Keynote) China (PowerPoint)
Colombia Colombia (Keynote) Colombia (PowerPoint)
Ecuador Ecuador (Keynote) Ecuador (PowerPoint)
Ethiopia Ethiopia (Keynote) Ethiopia (PowerPoint)
France France (Keynote) France (PowerPoint)
Georgia Georgia (Keynote) Georgia (PowerPoint)
Germany Germany (Keynote) Germany (PowerPoint)
Ghana Ghana (Keynote) Ghana (PowerPoint)
India India (Keynote) India (PowerPoint)
Indonesia Indonesia (Keynote) Indonesia (PowerPoint)
Iran Iran (Keynote) Iran (PowerPoint)
Italy Italy (Keynote) Italy (PowerPoint)
Kenya Kenya (Keynote) Kenya (PowerPoint)
Malaysia Malaysia (Keynote) Malaysia (PowerPoint)
Mexico Mexico (Keynote) Mexico (PowerPoint)
Oman Oman (Keynote) Oman (PowerPoint)
Peru Peru (Keynote) Peru (PowerPoint)
The Philippines The Philippines (Keynote) The Philippines (Powerpoint)
Poland Poland (Keynote) Poland (PowerPoint)
Russian Federation Russia (Keynote) Russia (PowerPoint)
Russian Federation (in Russian) n/a Russia (in Russian, PowerPoint)
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (Keynote) Saudi Arabia (PowerPoint)
South Korea South Korea (Keynote) South Korea (PowerPoint)
Switzerland Switzerland (Keynote) Switzerland (PowerPoint)
Turkey Turkey (Keynote) Turkey (PowerPoint)
United Kingdom United Kingdom (Keynote) United Kingdom (PowerPoint)
United States USA (Keynote) USA (PowerPoint)
Venezuela Venezuela (Keynote) Venezuela (PowerPoint)
Yemen Yemen (Keynote) Yemen (PowerPoint)
World Regions: Europe, Asia, etc. World Regions (Keynote) World Regions (PowerPoint)
World World (Keynote) World (PowerPoint)