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Are You a Neutral Zonian?

By Martin W. Lewis | December 13, 2010 | One Comment

Cornell University wants to know if I am a resident of the Neutral Zone. Seriously. The question appeared the other day when I was filling out an on-line recommendation for a student applying to graduate school at Cornell. After inserting my name and affiliation, I came to one of the ubiquitous pull-down menus with a

Neutral Zones at the Boundaries Dividing Ceuta and Melilla from Morocco

By Martin W. Lewis | August 27, 2010 |

The Wikipedia maps of Ceuta and Melilla show a double boundary separating Spanish from Moroccan territory, with a neutral zone in between. Such a depiction is unusual: borders between political entities are conventionally conceptualized as one-dimensional lines, with length but no breadth. One can, for example, easily imagine standing with one foot in Canada

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