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The Parallel Paths of the Basque Country and Scotland

By Martin W. Lewis | September 7, 2010 | 6 Comments

The Basques are not a particularly numerous people, totaling only around two and half million in Spain and another 250,000 in France. But millions more in other countries trace their ancestry to the Basque homeland once known as Vasconia. Basques were disproportionally represented in the Spanish colonial enterprise, with large numbers crossing the Atlantic

The Paradoxes of Basque Politics

By Martin W. Lewis | September 6, 2010 | 2 Comments

On September 5, 2010, the Basque separatist group ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna) announced a cease-fire, hinting that it might lay down its weapons and embrace a non-violent path to independence. Spanish authorities were not impressed; ETA did not permanently renounce terrorist tactics. Of Spain’s ethnic groups, the Basques are by far the most distinctive

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