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World Maps of Language Families, Continued

Submitted by on January 23, 2013 – 4:30 pm |  

Uralic Language Family MapToday’s post provides five more language family maps, based again on the Wikipedia “Human Language Families Map” found here. I must again warn that the boundaries here are approximate, and that many small areas characterized by languages in a given family have been ignored. Some areas simply defy linguistic mapping at this scale; the scattered Uralic languages found in the middle Volga region of Russia, for example, are not noted. On a few of the maps, I have added several areas not depicted on the Wikipedia original. On the Austro-Asiatic map, for example, I have included shading to indicate the Mon, Khasi, and Munda languages.

Nilo-Saharan Language Family Map



Dravidian Language Family MapAustro-Asiatic Language Family MapTai-Kadai Language Family Map

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