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GeoCurrents’ Reduced Schedule for Winter and Spring

Submitted by on January 18, 2013 – 10:45 pm 6 Comments |  
Dear Readers,

As many of you have probably noticed, GeoCurrents posts have substantially decreased in frequency over the past month. Unfortunately, this reduction in posting will continue for at least the next several months. Asya and I have been convinced that our series on Indo-European linguistics deserves to be expanded and turned into a book, which will take much of our time through the first half of the year. In academia, moreover, books count whereas blog postings do not, and as a result we are under some pressure to publish in a more conventional manner. We are also teaching a new class together, which began just last night, on the history and geography of the world’s language families. Between the class and the book, we will have relatively little time for work on GeoCurrents.

We will continue, however, to put up occasional posts in both the main section of the blog and in the “GeoNotes” section. I plan, for example, to post tomorrow some of the language maps that we used in our introductory lecture. But the News Map section of the site, which is currently empty, will not be updated in the foreseeable future and will probably be removed from History and Geography of Language FamiliesGeoCurrents, at least temporarily.

It has been our great pleasure to work on GeoCurrents over the past several years, and especially to interact with our readers, and we have every intention to eventually return to an active blogging schedule. For the time being, however, we will have slow down and concentrate our efforts elsewhere.

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  • Reader

    Shame, language technicalities is unlikely to sell much, and I suspect many readers will disengage from the site.

  • RightPaddock

    I tend to agree with Reader’s sentiments

    No disrespect to Asya, but the site has become very language centric, not to mention Eurocentric. I don’t read it as avidly as I once did.

    I mean the Council of Europe Europe of 44 countries not the EU centric Europe of 27.

    • Reader and RightPaddock: Thank you for expressing your interest in GeoCurrents. We are happy to know that what we’ve been doing here is relevant and even fascinating to people, and that we’ve gained “avid readers” such as yourselves. I think I speak for both Martin and myself when I say that, as our interests take us on a somewhat different path for the moment, we are sad not to be able to blog on a wider set of topics more frequently. But as Martin explained in the post, we must prioritize certain professional obligations such as teaching and more conventional publications. As we move forward, we’ll undoubtedly keep rethinking what GeoCurrents is and what it can be to best serve the interests and needs of our readers as well as our own. We welcome suggestions from our readers, and we hope to return to our more active blogging schedule before too long. In the meantime, we’ll continue to post articles on a variety of topics, linguistic and otherwise, and we hope that as some readers may disengage, others will discover the site.

  • Damian Kelleher

    It is a shame that your website will be slowing down.
    I have enjoyed the posts and, while I find the language-centric posts interesting, I have also appreciated the wide variety.
    I look forward to your return.

    • We are happy to hear that. Stay tuned for posts on a variety of topics—we’ll try to keep them coming as often as we can.

  • Thanks to all for the comments below. This was not an easy decision to make, but we all have to consider many factors as we chart our courses; time is always limited, and other obligations always intrude. Once Asya and I have finished with Indo-European issues, we will reconsider GeoCurrents and its future directions, so please do check back. We do appreciate your interest!