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Violence against Women in Solomon Islands

Submitted by on March 27, 2012 – 2:39 pm 4 Comments |  
According to Australia Network News, a recent World Bank report lists Solomon Islands as suffering from more violence against women than any other country. The Bank’s recent Gender Equality and Development Report states that 64 per cent of women in the Melanesian country claim that they have been victims of domestic violence. Most of the violence against women in Solomon Islands is reported to be sexual in nature. Laws to criminalize domestic violence have not been instituted in the island country.

An earlier Australian governmental report claims that violence against women is common across most of Melanesia:

In Melanesia and East Timor, violence against women is severe, pervasive and constrains development. The impacts of violence against women include escalating health care, social services, policing and justice system costs and restrict women’s participation in political, social and economic life.


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  • My guess is that things are worse in much of the Middle East, but no one dares conduct a survey.

    • I had a similar hunch that these survey results are more indicative of data collection than the actual situation on the ground. Nonetheless, I find it fascinating that so much domestic violence in Melanesia *gets reported*. That is quite illuminating too.

      • Excellent points.  It is very hard if not impossible to get solid data on such issues. I tried to find the actual World Bank report, but after 30 minutes of searching I gave up.  I would like to examine it, however. 

    • Not

      I doubt that the rape numbers in the Middle East and India are comparable to the Solomons.

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