Comments on: South Ossetia Gains Recognition Map Illustrated Analyses of Current Events and Geographical Issues Fri, 03 Jul 2015 12:41:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: Martin W. Lewis Thu, 31 Dec 2009 03:25:44 +0000 MyKosova makes a number of valid and interesting observations, but they do not bear directly on my original posting, which was not about the manner in which different countries gain independence, much less the validity of claims to nationhood, but rather the process of gaining international diplomatic recognition and how that process can be manipulated by powerful countries.

By: MyKosova Mon, 28 Dec 2009 10:43:02 +0000 I've read a few articles about Ossetia an South Ossetia history. I sympathize this people but I don't agree at all the way they are facing their way toward an independent "state".

First of all beside the name "unilateral declaration of independence", both processes DON'T HAVE NOTHING SIMILAR.

Kosova process toward independence was initiated from an inner factor and is not promoted from outer factor. As an inner process with oscillations through decades the efforts for independence have never stopped. It is been prevailed from a peaceful resistance and a institutional effort to consolidate it's status within SFRY. Before the international support Kosova process had a recent sympathy. The support to process was given when world saw that without this support the genocide would destroy the entire Kosova people and all other means including a strong international mediation for a peaceful solution didn't work.

The opposite thing happened with South Ossetia. The truth is that all it's effort for an independent state have been promoted and have been part of an outer process (Including the heavy tentatives for a parallel drawing with Kosova independence process). Differently from Kosova independence process who has been functioning even independently (when it didn't had an outer support at all), South Ossetia process is been promoted and furthermore is been part of Russian policy toward Georgia.

Kosova didn't got independence because an other country got it before it. It was a long and painful process and independence was the last option to save the existence. This is valid for South Ossetia too.