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Lecture Slides on ISIS

Submitted by on March 31, 2016 – 10:08 am 15 Comments |  
ISIS LectureDear Readers,

For the next 10 weeks I will be teaching a lecture course on the history and geography of current events, which is offered in two versions, one for Stanford students and the other for the community at large through Stanford’s Continuing Studies Program. This class is very demanding on me, as I must come up with new 70-minute lectures each week on a wide variety of topics. As a result of such burdens, I will not have time to put up regular GeoCurrents posts during this period. I will, however, post my weekly lecture slides. At the link below, one can get my images from last night’s talk on ISIS/ISIL/DAESH. These slides were made in Keynote but were exported to the more commonly used PowerPoint format. The conversion process is not perfect, however, and as a result some details have been lost and some text has been slightly altered.

The slides themselves cannot of course convey the full scope of the lecture, but I do hope that they can be useful for some readers.

Class TopicsNext week’s lecture will be on the current crisis in Brazil. After that, topics have not yet been determined. I have posted a list of possible topics, however, and I am polling students on what they would like to learn about, whether on the list or not. GeoCurrents readers should feel free to offer their own suggestions as well. (You can now vote on your favorite topics here.)







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  • Verpadoro

    Thank you very much.

  • European migration crisis please

  • Liz

    Definitely Libya, Turkey & the Kurds, the primary elections, Russia, China, and the migration crisis. Great topics!

  • raf

    Looks like a really interesting schedule. Would it be possible to post the keynote format of the presentation? The .ppt doesn’t open in Keynote on my MacBook. Thank you in advance!

  • strad77

    A general webpage comment:
    Is there anyway to add some blank space at the bottom of each webpage slide/map, since the title bar covers up some of it with a grey bar?

    • Sorry you’re having problems with viewing the site. I am not sure what happens on your end though, so could you please post a screenshot? Thanks!

      • strad77

        Sure, I took one from this page, and another random map. It’s the grey title bar at the bottom the sometimes blocks the graphic.

        • I see the bar you’re talking about. Are you viewing this on a mobile device or a computer? It might be an issue that I will need to pass on to the techie…

          • strad77

            Viewing it on a computer with Firefox as my browser. I don’t know if that makes a difference or not.

          • I use the same thing… I see — the problem is not when you read posts but when you click on an image, right? I get that too… never noticed it though…

            It’s not something I know what to do about so I passed on your question to our techie — hopefully, he’ll be able to help.

            Thanks for drawing our attention to this issue!

          • strad77

            You’re welcome! It’s not that big of an issue and it interferes with the graphics only sometimes, but thought it would help the website since I’ve been following you for quite a while.

          • Thank you, that’s great to hear!