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Diagramming the Area of French Sovereignty

Submitted by on September 25, 2012 – 3:53 pm 5 Comments |  
In diagramming the area of French sovereignty, I was not sure what to call the region constituted by the regular departments of France (both those in “Metropolitan France” and those located overseas); in the end I opted for “France Proper,” but it seems that there must be a better term. Some sources, including Wikipedia, place Corsica within “l’Hexagone,” but such a classification seems geometrically incorrect to me.  

I am fond of the term “sui generis collectivity” for New Caledonia, which is scheduled to hold a referendum on independence between 2014 and 2018. New Caledonia now has a system of dual national symbols, with one set representing its position within the French Republic, and the other looking toward independence. As a result, I have placed it in the outermost layer of French sovereignty. I do not, however, expect independence to come easily to New Caledonia

Comments and criticisms are again welcome.

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  • Brendan Hennessy

    Hey there, I’m a big fan of this blog and I really like these diagrams you’re doing. A few comments:

    The Scattered Islands have actually been a part of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands since 2007 I think. And you’re missing Clipperton Island, which I believe is an overseas territory in its own right.

    I might also suggest listing French Polynesia in the same box as the overseas collectivities. From what I understand, the term “overseas country” is just a different designation for overseas collectivity status, not really a different type of entity.

    • Thanks, Brendan, for the insightful comments. You are right about the Scattered Islands, and will change the map to reflect that. I left out Clipperton on purpose, as the diagram seemed too crowded, but perhaps that was a mistake. I put French Polynesia in a separate category because the term “country” is significant in itself, but perhaps that was a mistake. At any rate, I will edit the map this evening and repost it.

  • Lerry

    some of the territories are missing according to wiki

    • You are right — see my comments to Brendan below. Thanks!

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