Customizable Maps of Europe, Asia, Etc.

Europe MapThis final GeoCurrents post offering free customizable maps provides maps of Europe, southern and eastern Asia, southwestern Asia and northeastern Africa, and the exclusive economic zones of the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. Two versions of the Asia map are provided, one of which is superimposed on physical map. These customizable are available at the link at the bottom of the page.

Eastern and Southern Asia MapMost of these maps were made several years ago when I was still experimenting with this process. As a result the borders are rather crudely placed, especially on the Europe map.



Eastern and Southern Asia Map 2Southwest Asia Northwest Africa MapAs with previous offerings, these maps are constructed with simple presentation software (available in both PowerPoint and Keynote formats), and hence are easy to use and manipulate.


Indian Ocean Economic Zones Map











Caribbean Economic Zones Map







Europe, Asia, etc. Customizable maps (keynote)

Europe, Asia, etc Customizable Maps (powerpoint)




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