GeoCurrents Reorientation

Dear Readers, 

GeoCurrents has been on hiatus for the past two months as I have redirected most of my efforts to writing a book on environmental philosophy, politics, and policies. This work is tentatively titled Middle Path EnvironmentalismTaking Climate Change and Other Environmental Problems Seriously without Crushing the Working Class and Undermining Rural Life. I have finished writing drafts of the introduction and the first chapter, which I intend to post on this blog later this week or early next week. These writings will be put up as regular posts, even though they are based on my opinions and will prove controversial. They will also placed on this site under the “featured essays” tab.  

Starting this summer, I hope to reorient GeoCurrents around illustrated video lectures. These lectures will be on many topics, but most will be organized as college-level courses covering such subject matters as world political geography, the geography of religion, population geography, and so on. The first of these GeoCurrents lectures, however, will cover materials that I have not been able to include in my current Stanford University Continuing Studies class on “The Making of the Modern World: 1200-1800.” These include biological globalization, the Little Ice Age, and the Crisis of the Seventeenth Century. I also hope to record and post several lectures this summer on the world-historical role of the Black Sea region from the Neolithic to the current day.  

I eventually hope to return to writing regular GeoCurrents posts, but this may take some time. My current priorities are working on Middle Path Environmentalism and preparing for my new spring-quarter Stanford University Continuing Studies course (Geography 14; see below) on the history and geography of natural mind-altering substances. 

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