Chart Porn’s Non-Pornographic Map Collection

The map archive of the website called “Chart Porn: Data Visualizations that you just Gotta Love,” is well worth a look. Chart Porn showcases a wide variety of maps and associated visualizations. I have posted small copies of just two of the maps recently included on the site to give a sample of its offerings. The first is a world map showing the average length in office for world political leaders since 1945, the second a tongue-in-cheek “zombie survival map.”

The map of political tenure, originally published by The Economist, reveals some interesting patterns. Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and Central Asia stand out for the longevity in power of their political leaders. South America, Central Europe and South Asia, on the other hand, have exhibited rapid political turnover. Oman tops the chart by a wide margin, having had only two rulers since 1945. GeoCurrents will examine Oman more closely when regular postings resume.