Advertising On GeoCurrents

Advertising on GeoCurrents offers a unique chance to reach a vibrant community of geography and world event enthusiasts. Since its inception in December 2009, GeoCurrents has grown into a quickly expanding blog that now reaches over 50,000 visitors each month, with over 80,000 page views in the same time span.

If you’d like to share your high-quality website, product, or service with our community of visitors, we’d love to help you do so. Please note that only products, services, or sites that we feel our visitors will benefit from knowing about will be considered.

There are three primary site-wide advertising spaces available on GeoCurrents:

  • Top of Page Banner (468 x 90 pixels)

Directly to the right of the main GeoCurrents logo, on every page and post throughout the site.

  • Right Column Rectangle (300 x 250 pixels)

A very prominent spot on the top of the right column of every page and post throughout the site. The dimensions of this format give you the most square footage to work with. Includes the homepage.

  • End Of Post Banner (560 x 90 pixels)

The first thing a reader will see when finishing reading a post, this ad appears right after the text ends on every post throughout this site. Does not include the homepage.

Here is a visual of what each advertising space looks like on the site:

Geography Ad SamplesAll three advertising spaces appear site-wide, on every page throughout the GeoCurrents website. As of October 2015, there are over 900 posts and pages on the site. Additionally, if you are looking to advertise only on individual pages on GeoCurrents (e.g. a specific post about the Caribbean), we would be happy to set that up for you as well. Prices are negotiable.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these spaces to promote your website, product, or service, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you promptly to work with you in setting up your ad.

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